A thorough understanding of the functions of the research and development department allows to maximize the overall capabilities and efficiencies and thus making it as a comprehensive manufacturing and business support.

The R&D department has a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated technicians, chemists and scientists. The segregated analytical laboratory is ably equipped with state of the art analytical instruments like HPLC, GC etc.

Although, R&D related to new molecules is not carried out it is actively engaged in Existing products improvement, Optimization, and Quality checks. A spectrum of potential changes is considered and undertaken systematically for developing existing molecules and that too in a time-bound manner. Alternate routes of synthesis are followed so that the product becomes economically viable and gives an edge on ease and safety of operations. Since the department has an intimate knowledge of requirements and specifications of the products hence it is ensured that the developed product qualify the quality standards. The product development timeline synchronizes proficiently with manufacturing, sales, and marketing departments.